Save on Electric Bills

Commercial building tint has benefits for both the summer and winter seasons. In the summer, window tint can block up to 72% of the sun’s heat coming in through the window. On the other side, window tint also helps retain interior heat produced by your HVAC unit, keeping you warmer in the colder months. If you are interested in saving money and energy, consider the addition of commercial building window tint for your business.

Real Energy Savings

Our window tint can decrease your room temperature by up to 15 degrees during the summer. Commercial window tint blocks a large portion of the sun’s heat, which directly results in lower utility bills and big energy savings because your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard. Let Integrity Window Tinting save your business money so you can invest it elsewhere.

Increased Security

Our security window film is specifically designed to deter theft by making it harder for glass to be broken. Our security Film can hold broken glass together in the case of a natural disaster or break-in. This makes the window difficult to penetrate.

No More Glare

Eliminate the “fishbowl effect” in your office with commercial window tint. Glare is not only distracting to workers and customers, but it also causes eye fatigue and lower productivity. With commercial window film, you can ditch your blinds and curtains, let the natural light come in and eliminate the glare.

Increased Privacy

Whether you run a top-secret business or operate a retail store, privacy and security are top priorities in a commercial environment. With frosted or tinted windows at your business, privacy and security can both be achieved. Our window tint can make your workers feel more secure and productive.

Increased Comfortably

UVA and UVB rays will damage computer screens, TV screens, LED screens and cause your inventory, signs and furniture to fade. Our window tint has 99.9% UVB and UVA protection to block the suns harmful rays from damaging you interior investments.