Is Paint Protection Film For My Car Worth It?

You just bought a brand new car and can’t wait to show it off! Who wouldn’t be proud? However, have you thought about what you might do to preserve that new, sparkling look of the exterior? Integrity Window Tinting now offers Xpel Paint Protection! Paint protection film is a virtually invisible urethane film applied to your vehicle’s exterior to protect from scratches, debris, rock chips, UV rays and much more. This option is a cost effective way of preserving that new car sheen.

Here are a few more reasons why investing in paint protection film is advantageous.

1. Maintain Your Vehicle’s Quality 
After purchasing a new vehicle you devote time and effort to maintaining its new car look. However, many times, over time you begin to reduce that effort. It is also impossible to avoid all road debris and other unwanted particles. Installing Xpel Paint Protection to your car provides a next level defense with a permanent barrier between your exterior paint and foreign substances and objects.

2. Virtually Invisible 
Many people worry that paint protection film will change the original look of their car. This is not true! The urethane film should be indistinguishable from factory paint. It is on your vehicle to protect your original paint, but not change the appearance. Xpel Paint Protection film is also manufactured to not yellow with exposure to UV rays, ensuring a nearly invisible finish.

3. Easier Cleaning and Maintenance
Xpel Paint Protection film is stain resistant and maintains clarity under the harshest conditions. You don’t have to worry about stains or spots from contaminants. This also prevents paint discoloration. You are also able to save money on car washes as you only need a bucket of clean water and a soft cloth to wash your car.

4. Maximize Your Vehicle’s Resale Value 
When it does come time to purchase a new vehicle, you always want the most out of your current car. By installing paint protection film you have protected your vehicle’s exterior from defects, making it more valuable than a similar car with the same mileage.

Ready to install Xpel Paint Protection Film? Integrity Window Tinting LLC in New Braunfels, TX is an authorized Xpel Paint Protection Dealer. We would love to discuss with you which option is best for you and your vehicle. More info is available on our Paint Protection page. Call us today at 830-776-8468 to get started on protecting the exterior of your vehicle.